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Friday, June 15, 2012

Forever and a day

Man, it's been forever and a day since I've posted anything and I'm feeling a little sad about that. Needless to say, life has been crazy!

Well, I guess first things first, we found out some exciting news back in March that I've been dying to post about for those that don't already know:

We got our faint second pink line, and you know what that means - BABY #2! 

Mia was excited to announce our happy news with the new shirt I made her.  :)

Yuppers, she's going to be AWESOME!  :)

Baby brother or sister are set to make their debut early November. Our due date is November 10th, but because of my fun fibroid escapade and surgery, I'm not allowed to go into labor so the doctor figures this new little one will be born November 5th via c-section.  The crazy part is, that since we decided to hold off on sharing the news for a while with other than close family and friends, we're already at 18 weeks and nearly half way through already!  We haven't had our anatomy scan yet because my OB is sending us back to the specialist we went to with Mia so they can do an in-depth ultrasound. Since Mia was born with a cleft, they just want the specialist to check everything out, but as of now they are not treating this pregnancy any differently than any other pregnancy. The only thing that they had us do a little differently was for me to take and additional 4mg of folic acid once we decided we wanted to try for another one, and then to continue taking it through the pregnancy. Folic acid is suppose to help prevent mid-line birth defects, among which is clefting. It's not a fail safe, but worth a shot.  :)  

We went in for something called the First Trimester Screen at 12 weeks and got to see our little one again. This screening is non-invasive and checks for Downs Syndrome and two different types of Trisomy. Our scan and testing came back with a pretty strong negative for both, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that we are really free and clear on those things!  Here's what our little one looked like at 12 weeks.

Little head on the left looking up with a little hand in front of the face and the torso and a shadow of a little leg to the right. It was so fun to see the little legs kicking and see our little one moving around!

We'll be having our anatomy scan on June 25th to find out if we're having a boy or girl and we'll also find out if this little one will be cleft affected or have any other things going on. I didn't realize until after the appointment was scheduled that it's scheduled on Mia's original due date. So fun! She came five days later, so the last week of June will be an exciting one for us. We'll find out what we're having and we'll also be celebrating our little Mia turning TWO! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown!

I'm kind of thinking this one is a boy, and Zeus is pretty sure it's a girl. So, what do you think? BOY or GIRL???  :)  If you can, please leave a comment and let me know what your guess is and we'll do the big reveal on the 25th.


  1. Boy all the way!!! Can't wait to know for sure! So excited for you! I'm glad you are my sister <3

  2. Darcie!!! I am so excited for you! I don't know if I missed something on FB or not but I had no idea you were pregnant! That is so exciting. My vote is Girl. You need a sister for Mia. :) But a brother would be awesome too. Hope you are hanging in there through the long hot summer! xxoo