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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pre-Easter festivities

Mia loves to color and I love it when I can get photos of her and her papa coloring away. She loves coloring almost as much as she loves her papa and I.  :)  On this particular day I had done her hair in two little braids, and when I say two little braids I mean two REALLY LITTLE braids.  lol  When Zeus got home that day he was upset because he thought I'd gone and cut her hair again without him knowing about it. Nope, just two really tiny braids and all the hair falling out around it. Little cutie pie.

If you look REALLY close, you can see the really little braid.  :)

Coloring with her papa - I love how she concentrates when she's coloring.  :)

Mia sporting one of the newest Cleftees designs. My little cutie pie!

Zeus's younger brother Danny came into town with his family for the weekend. We were so excited to see them and to have some company for the weekend! Today we went to a ranch for a pre-Easter get-together. The kids had a blast and it was fun for the adults as well. Zeus took his disco and he and his brother grilled up a ton of meat and tortillas which were a big hit! The kids had a blast running round and playing and exploring and we all went on a fun little hay ride as well.

Cousin's Carlos, DJ, Dahnia and Mia - man it's hard to get a good photo of four kids at once!

Mia and her basket from Tia Hilda and Tio Danny - thank you!!!

Uh, am I really suppose to pick this up?

Mia and Dahnia with their spoils - a grand total of three Easter eggs. :)

Kisses before papa smashes a confetti egg on Mia's head - sneaky, sneaky! 

Mia was NOT a fan of having confetti all over herself!  lol ...

...but she sure looked cute!  :)

Waiting with her drink, aka "gink!" for a turn at the Easter egg pinata.

Me and my girl - I adore you baby girl!

My ever-skinnier hubby (he's lost nearly 95 lbs this past year) and the little girl who rules his world.  :)

Mia thought hitting the pinata was super funny and was interested for a whole three swings at it.

Picking up a few of the spoils. Fun, fun!  :)

All in all, a very wonderful day.

Easter greetings from Z and I.


  1. Loved the pictures! Looks like you guys had a fun Easter day together! Mia did good with collecting the eggs!

  2. Darcie- Little Mia is growing up so fast! I love to catch up with all the happenings in your little family through your blog (--I read often and don't comment much--sorry about that)!
    Happy Easter to you!

  3. You guys look great. Hugs to Mia and hope to see you soon!