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Monday, October 3, 2011

Super Sadness

So not only do we have our 15 month appointment tomorrow, but I think Mia is cutting TEETH. Not just a TOOTH, but TEETH. When I looked in her mouth the other day I saw what I THINK was a lateral incisor on the left coming in right between where her regular gum-line meets her front clefted gum-line. Besides that, I see one lump where a molar is thinking about coming in as well as the two bottom canine teeth and maybe the top two canine teeth. That would make - if you're counting - SIX new teeth that are in different stages of coming in right now. Only one of those (maybe two) have cut through and she's seemed pretty miserable.  :(  Tonight she woke up after being sound a sleep for a few hours and was just fussing miserably. We waited for a little while to see if she would go back to sleep, but the pain must have been keeping her awake, so I went in and gave her some acetaminophen and some teething jel and then planned on snuggling her back to sleep while we waited for them to kick in and work their magic. Well Zeus couldn't stand hearing her so sad, so he came down and took over for the snuggling part - good papa!

I also realize that I haven't posted in quite some time and have a ton of photos that I just downloaded from my phone. So if you are anti-photo-mass-posting, I'm warning you now... look away!  :)

The weekend of Sept 24, I watched my friend Michelle's daughter while she had a girls' day out with some of the ladies in her family. It was fun having her and she LOVES Mia which was both a blessing and a curse for a little girl who's use to having mommy and everything else to herself for the most part.  lol
Climbing fun - Mia and Amali

Some together time..... and some alone time = happy friends!  lol

What'cha doing buddy?

Wow, this IS fun! Busy little heads together making plans for later.  :)

And the fun just keeps on going!

On a ride in the "buddy stroller" to the pool for some swimming!

Don't even THINK about taking your sucker back mom! MOMMY, GIVE ME BACK MY SUCKER!!!

Happiness, thy name is blue sucker!

Bath-time fun - check out how long her hair is getting!!!

Looking at photos and videos with papa on his phone.

Playing with papa - they have so much fun together!

She was teaching papa how to do THIS cool trick, but once they were both doing it I couldn't seem to get a photo, darn it!

Playing today with Gideon, the little boy I watch twice a week. It's so fun because they know each other now and play so cute together (usually).  :)

I've also been busy coming up with t-shirt designs for my new little side business called ClefTees. When Mia was born I looked all over for some shirts we could get for our family that had something to do with clefts, but never found anything I liked. Well, I made up some designs for a clef seminar we went to last month. I posted the photos on my cleft lip / cleft palate group and people wanted to see more, so I've been working on different designs. It's been a lot of fun, but also taken up a lot of time, which is part of why I've been so lax in updating the blog lately.  My first order shipped out today and I have another one going out tomorrow. I'm excited because I'm donating some of the money from each order to Smile Train, an organization that repairs cleft lips and palates all over the world! You can check out some of our designs on Facebook or by clicking on this link:  Here's one of my new favorites.  :)

Man do I miss that beautiful wide mile!  :) 


  1. Oh how darling was that wide smile! I miss Kaylee's on occasion as well.

    I am so sorry she is cutting so many teeth at once. Have you tried giving her some Nature's Best teething cookies? They are messy - but so worth it when they are in pain.

    I hope she feels better soon. <3 From Jess and Kaylee

  2. Love the updates and especially pictures with Mia and her mama or papa! Love ya both!