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Friday, October 28, 2011

So Fun

It has been so fun having my sister and her girls in town to play! My mom and dad flew in last night as well and the girls are busy loving on grandma and grandpa.  :)  It has been so fun seeing our daughters interact and play together. We only wish our other siblings could have made it out as well and that ALL the cousins could have been her to play together!

Sara loves holding Mia, even though they are getting closer and closer to being the same size.  lol

Mia, my cute little bug, trying to keep up with her cousins.

Hard at work on Halloween decorations for the house.

It is, apparently, VERY serious business.

This morning we got up, ate breakfast and put on our Halloween costumes to go trick-or-treating at a nursing home for a play group activity. Nothing like a little candy first thing in the morning!  :)  It made me think of a bib I saw at the store the other day that said, "The sugar made me do it!"  I think we'll have to get three of those shirts for these three cute candy-loving girls for the next few days.

My little pink caterpillar playing with mom's sunglasses before getting into her butterfly costume.  :)

Sofia, Mia and Sara - 3 little beauties! Mia's loving sitting like a big girl with her cousins.  :)

This little Butterfly is read to Trick-or-Treat rock-and-roll!

My niece Sara did NOT want to smile for the camera. I decided to use reverse psychology by telling her I wanted to take an "ugly senorita" photo so she should show me her ugly senorita face. It worked, and Sara smiled. However, Sofia took me seriously and this was the resulting photo:

Ugly senorita photo.  lol

Aren't they the cutest things ever!

Ready for trick or treating.  :)


Uhm, mommy, is that MY piece of candy in YOUR mouth??? Whoopsie!

LOVE this smile! I just have to say how great her lip repair surgery has healed. We are almost a year out and her lip is so smooth that you'd never guess it was open on both sides of her sweet little mouth/nose when she was born.

And a few last photos of the girls with grandma and grandpa:

Mia getting some grandma loves.  :)

Fia chilling with grandpa...

...while grandma reads to Sara.

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  1. Ridiculously cute photos of everyone in the last two posts! I hope you all are having a blast with each other! Happy Halloween!