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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Still Alive

I'm still alive. It's been busy and and I've been tired on top of all the business, so that pretty much sums it up.  :)  

Last week Mia and I went to a play date that was Halloween themed. She has a darling butterfly costume and also a pumpkin costume that we got on clearance last year after Halloween for this year. Our friend that we invited didn't have a costume yet, so we let them borrow the butterfly and Mia went as a pumpkin. She looked SO cute!

Standing with mama and checking out the scene. She was actually dragging me all over by the finger since she's STILL not walking on her own.  Argh!

Mia was really interested in checking out the sand box, but not actually playing in it!

Luckily she's so dainty or she wouldn't have fit in this one!  :)

With her "stem" hat on.  :)

Afterwards Mia and I dropped our friends back off at their apartment and headed up north to meet papa for lunch at Olive Garden. YUM!

Mia has started being interested in coloring and it's so fun to watch her!

Hey dad, you can color, but stay outta my way!  :)

My sister Nikki, who is just younger than me, is in town with her girls from Germany and we've been having so much fun! Grandma and grandpa fly in tomorrow night and their papa flies in on Sunday so we'll have an even MORE full house soon. Yay!

So here's a quick sneak peek so far from cell phone photos:

Mia and Sofia checking each other out while Sara checks her watch.

We have the coolest "cows" outside the airport.  :)

Too bad there was a sign saying not to sit on them.  :(

Mia going down the slide with Fia.

Swinging on the hammock at Giddeon's house - Sara, Fia, Gid, Nik and Mia.

Mia getting ready to knock down Sara's tower.  :)

On the old fire truck that's part of the playground down town.

Getting their "crawl" on.  :)

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  1. I love the picture of Z & Mia coloring! :) And Mia's hair is getting so long! Fun! Fun pictures with Nikki and the girls! Looks like y'all are having fun! Lucky! Why oh why did Nikki wait until I MOVED to make Austin a yearly trip?! I'm starting to think it was on purpose! haha