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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silly little monkey

I might have a renter for my Utah house. Hooray! Needless to say, with that good news and a good night's sleep, today is a better day. Thank goodness for small miracles.  

Speaking of small miracles, mine is such a silly little monkey!  :)  Here are some recent photos of her that make me smile.

Look at me mommy! I fit in the big girl car seat!!! ...Mommy, why are you crying?!? I'm growing up, but it's okay! Look, I'm SO big!!!

Hello. Hello? Is anybody there? I got new shoes and I love talking on the phone. Hello...?

Okay, thanks Gid, you hold my shoe while I work on getting the other sock off... Oh, and can you keep an eye out for my mom so she doesn't realize what I'm doing...? She just BARELY put them on me, so she might have mixed feelings about this situation...

Okay, go straight ahead, then left at the corner... 
...What do you mean back seat driver?!? This is my hood, I know the way to the park!  :)

The face of perpetual motion. ...Which is why that's the only part of her that is semi-focused... lol

Little cutie-patootie in her little pigtails and purple Converse shoes.

Look Mom! I have a new trick! I took off my pajamas!!! All by myself!!! Yup, pants AND shirt!!! I've got MAD SKILLS!!!


  1. I love the pig tails! And uh-oh on taking off the pj's - you know what's next?! HER DIAPER!!! And it isn't fun! LOL

  2. My favorite picture is the one where she is on her phone with her new shoes on! Soooo cute! Lol.