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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Apendicitis Sucks

So, this year Halloween wasn't so fun. About 4:30 pm I started having a pain in my side. By 6 pm I was in horrible pain and my entire abdomen hurt so terribly and was super tender to the touch. Zeus was tired from working all weekend so between the two of us, we sat on the front porch with Mia (non-costumed, sadness) and passed out candy. I'd heard of someone experiencing something similiar, had gone to the ER and had an ultrasound etc., and it had ended up being gas pains, so I was really holding out on going in. However, by 9 pm I thought I might be dying. It was worse than labor pains not only because it hurt so bad, but because it was constant and just would just NOT stop. We headed to the ER where they did blood work and even a CT scan. My white blood cell count was slightly elevated and my appendix was slightly enlarged, but they were perplexed by how sore my entire stomach was. At about 3 am they admitted me to the hospital and my appendix was removed the next morning. When they went to take out my appendix, they found a pocket of puss that they had to suction out as well, which was probably the cause of the extreme abdominal pain. Luckily, they were still able to do it laproscopically, so I have three small incisions versus one longer one that would have had to go through four layers of muscle. Ouch! Because of the extra "goody" they had to suction out, I got to stay an extra day in the hospital. Got home today and feeling MUCH better than Monday, but still generally crappy. This is my second surgery this year, you think I'd be over it by now. In the last two years this is my third surgery. Man, between Mia and Zeus and I, we've had seven surgeries in this household in the past 16 months!  Sheish!  I say, enough all ready!

Luckily we were able to have some fun before "the appendix" took over and ruined the last few days.  On Friday we trick-or-treated at the nursing home. On Saturday we "Trunk-or-Treated" at the church parking lot. We hung a spider web over the hatch of my car and hung our home made decorations and spider rings on the stretched out web. I think it turned out pretty awesome, and apparently others agreed because we won second prize in the trunk decorating contest!  Yay!

Looking pretty great, eh?

Sofia and Sara rocking the cake walk, and Mia and I rocking the cake walk. 

Cake walk winners and their winnings. 

Sara and Fia trunk-or-treating.

Mia surprised us by carrying her own bucket at actually walking from car to car for a little bit!

Zeus worked his part time weekend job was was able to jet over after work and catch the last few moments of trunk-or-treating. Mia's cheeks are full of candy in this one. lol

Mama and papa and Mia trunk-or-treating. Cute little butterfly!

Man, we just can't get enough of her!  :)

On Sunday after church, we went to two Halloween themed activities. The first was our friend Chrissy's little mommy-and-me Halloween party and the second was at the University of Texas for students and their family. What a full, full day!

Mia looking cute as a bug in a rug on Sunday at church.

Sofia and Sara decorated scary mummy cupcakes at Chrissy's.

Sara and Fia also painted some mini-pumpkins. 

Mia caught up on her snuggling of some good friends we haven't seen for a bit and charmed everyone in her little butterfly costume.

Then it was off to the Erwin Center at UT for their Halloween celebration. Zeus was able to get out of work a few hours early and meet us there.

Fun Halloween peek-troughs. 

Mia thought the free balloon was the coolest thing ever.

Sara and Fia fished for candy and bowled for candy. 

I gave Fia a ride on my shoulders so she could see the dancers. Her dress made for a cute bonnet and a silly photo op.  :)  

I got recruited to help with the super complex scary face Sofia chose when grandma's hands got tired. Man, at times I wondered if I would be able to even finish it!

Grandpa helping Sara with her happy jack-o-lantern.

My easy ghost one for Mia, Sofia's scary grin, and Sara's happy pumpkin.

We were able to get them out and lit before their papa got in from the airport.

That night their papa finally flew in from Germany to join the party. However, Zeus still got some quality Sofia time in before her papa took over. They have such a fun bond and it's fun to see them together.

Then on Halloween we decorated Halloween cookies before the trick-or-treating took off. Sara and Sofia were able to wear their costumes one last time for a trip around the block with their mom and dad and grandpa while Zeus, Mia, grandma and I held down the fort and handed out candy before the fateful trip to the ER. Man, no wonder my appendix gave out. Way too much Halloween fun going on in the past few days!

Got home from the hospital today and was suckered in to going and sitting by the pool while everyone swam. The pool by the house was finally on lock-down so we went to the neighborhood YMCA. Good times!  Go ahead, I know you're already singing it... "It's fun to stay at the Y, M, C, A!"

Nikki, Sofia, Sara, Zeus and Mia swimming in the pool at the YMCA today.

Sofia and Sara could swim all by themselves with the life vests on and thought they were super cool.

Though you can't tell by the look on her face in this photo, Mia enjoyed swimming and her life vest as well.  lol

Anyhow, it's time for my next dose of antibiotic and pain meds, so I'm off to pop some pills and catch some much needed rest. Nightey night.


  1. I love all the pictures! I hope you are recovered soon! Dang, you guys know how to party with all the surgeries!!! I think it's time for a break from hospitals!!! Love you guys mucho! <3

  2. oh no! i know the feeling of thinking 'it's just gas, i am not going to the er for just gas.' but it's actually way worse! glad you're feeling better and had some fun for halloween! hope to see you soon!