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Monday, December 27, 2010

4 days before Christmas and 80 degrees!

So, it was four days before Christmas, and we were sitting toasty at 80 degrees here in Texas.  Too crazy!  Because of the warm weather, I decided to dress Mia accordingly in one of her cute summery dresses.  Here's Mia, four days before Christmas on Winter Solstice.   :) 

This one of her propped up against the couch with her skinny little legs and chunky sandals was just too funny to pass up.  :)

My precious girl.

Smiles!  (I think she's relieved that I took the bow off her head.)

My little cutie pa-tootie.

Who me?  I'm just chilling under the tree mom...

Man is this dress yummy!  ...just like all of her other clothes apparently.  :) 

Trying to reach the gold icicle on the tree, but it turned out that it looks like she's holding the manger scene.

Yet another example of why we call her "Toots"!

They are apparently very tasty as well.

Okay, so I totally went a little overboard on photos, but I had 87 to choose from!  lol  Is she a first child or what?!?!  Happy Winter Solstice!

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