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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, February 19, 2010

Not nearly as exciting as the baby...

Not nearly as exciting as the baby, but on February 10th, I officially turned 35. My sweetie Zeus woke up early with me and made me french toast for breakfast. Y U M! It was a great way to start the day and was so thoughtful of the wonderful man that I married. Also in the thoughtful category, my car was low on gas and so Zeus traded me cars so he could fill it up on the way to or from work since there aren't really gas stations that aren't horribly expensive on the way to my work. Unfortunately, I went into work feeling sicker than a dog with a horrible cold and cough that had been lingering for the past week.

To ad insult to injury, I had a mandatory training until 5 pm at work, which was a huge bummer when it's your birthday and you aren't feeling well and coughing your guts out. At the end of the school day right before the meeting Zeus showed up with a huge Costco cake that said Happy Birthday Mrs. Moreno! Luckily my team and I had a second to grab a huge slice to run to the training with.

I headed home exhausted after the training only to find that my honey wasn't home yet. Perfect timing, so I climbed into bed for a quick nap until Zeus got home. I ended up passing out for about an hour and waking up to Zeus leaning over to kiss me and tell me it was time to get up to head to dinner.

We walked out to get in the car and my car was backed up into the driveway. I was still not fully awake and wondered why my car was backed in because I always pull in forward (it's Zeus that parks backwards). Then I remembered that Zeus and I had traded cars. THEN I noticed that there was something different about my car... Zeus had gotten the windows tinted for my birthday!!!! I've wanted to get them tinted for FOREVER! It was a great birthday surprise! Now we have twinner silver cars with tinted windows. I love my new tint!

We went to Olive Garden and met some of our family there for a yummy dinner. It turned out really nice because since there were 10 of us we had our own little area and it gave room for Nathan and Rosario room to stretch their legs and play a little while the grownups talked and hung out.

Good times at the Olive Garden (from the center clockwise: Jeff, Nathan, Michelle, Eunice, Bertha, Lupe, Rosario, Carlos and me.

After a few hours hanging out eating and chatting at the Olive Garden, some of us headed back to the house for some cake and then called it a night.

Comadre Lupe, Carlos, Bertha, me and Rosario (Chayo) and the cake that wasn't eaten by my first grade team and I before our meeting. :) We improvised and used a tea light candle for the birthday candle.


  1. Awwww . . . what a FUN birthday, even if you had to work late and didn't feel good . . . Glad you felt celebrated and loved from start to finish!!!

    Happy late birthday, Darcie!!!


  2. :D Hey - this is just as fun to hear about as the baby. :) Are those Zeus's brothers and sisters? It is fun to see them! Congrats on the car! What a sneaky way to get your birthday in ('Gas is low, 'dang it'. I need to take your car to 'fill it'. ;D Lol). Love ya tons Darcie! Miss you and Zeus! Hope all is going well!