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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day late and a dollar short

So it's more than a day late and I won't even get into how short things really are, but long story short:

Mia and I moved in with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Tif back in August when I started my new job teaching kindergarten in Salt Lake City. Zeus is still finishing up grad school in Texas, and will be joining us periodically for the baby's birth, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Needless to say that with the move and settling in and starting a new job and living the life of an almost single mom, as well as being in the last tiring trimester of pregnancy, I've been exhausted. Too exhausted to do much besides be a teacher and mommy and occasionally check Facebook and emails for family updates. Way to exhausted to blog even, which is why I'm so behind.

Speaking of the baby's birth, I think my last post was the one where we shared that we were actually HAVING baby number two, and as of yesterday, my due date was a month away. However, when I went to the doctor's on Tuesday, he decided to take the baby 3 weeks early because of my Herman surgery after Mia was born. (To read all about Herman, click here:

Yeah, so I was pretty surprised to find out that baby girl number two will be making her grand debut NEXT SATURDAY. That's right. Three weeks early is in a week and half - NEXT. SATURDAY. Wowza!!!  Now to bust my hiney to get two and a half weeks of sub plans ready during the next four days of school!!! We only have two more days this week, and then two days next week (W-F we have off already). Not to mention we have fun company in town - my sister Nikki and her family from Germany and my brother and his family are driving in tonight for a week from Arkansas so I'm going to want to do nothing but play with them and sit with my feet up!

Oh well, if it wasn't a bit chaotic, it wouldn't be my life, eh?

Here are a few belly pictures before we welcome this second little girl into our family next weekend.  :)

Mia, myself, and the baby belly last month.

Baby belly as of last night.  :)  Yup, it's popped and she's dropped.

35 1/2 weeks of baby belly.  lol

And because it's fall and Mia's too stinking cute to not have some shots of her own, AND since it's been so long since some of you have seen her, here's some Mia shots from Monday night at the pumpkin patch.  :)

Just chillin'... in my holiday duds... on a pumpkin.

Quick shot with mama and "beebee seester" belly.

Life is good!


  1. life is good! thanks for posting a blog, it helps make the distance a bit shorter! love all of you and can't wait for lady baby's appearance!