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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello Houdini, good-bye sanity...

So I went into Mia's room this morning to get her up after hearing her stirring on the baby monitor and was greeted by a happy, naked, waving baby. Oh my! Someone had climbed out the neck of her pajamas and then taken her diaper off. She's occasionally gotten an arm out the top of her pajamas and once got both arms out and had them down around her waist, but this one definitely took the cake!

Hi Mama! I learned a new trick!

The empty jammies and the escape artist.

So I snag her up to put a diaper on her and am SO thankful that she didn't have a bowel movement! I inspect for damages and find a wet diaper (so HOPEFULLY she had it on most the night!) and a little wet puddle, but other than that things weren't too terribly bad. I put a diaper on her and then put her on the floor in her room to play for a second while I change the sheets on her bed. I turn around and can't help but shake my head and laugh to find this:

Someone has escaped from her diaper AGAIN and is happily sitting at her table eating pretend strawberries!

Hmmm.... there's GOT to be some way out of these things!

Uh oh, it may be potty training time. My baby's growing up!  :(


  1. Soooo funny (since I'm the aunt and don't have to deal with it!!!) :) My boys, THANKFULLY were never this level of Houdini, though they BOTH had separate times where they got their diapers off only they left poop surprises everywhere! I'm still shaking my head that Mia got out of that zipped up onesie! Mad skills!

  2. How adorable is that? Your girl got some skillz! She is seriously adorable.