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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Sadness. Super duper sadness. Today Nikki and her family left Mia and I behind today to head to San Antonio and Mia and I got a small peek into what life is going to be like once they leave, and let me tell you, it's going to be super quiet and lonely around her. Super duper quiet and lonely. Super duper sadness.  Mia and I are going to be so lonely once they leave. It's been so fun having them here, and having them here for three whole weeks makes them feel like part of our little family - like they are a permanent part of our life.  I'm sure they will be relieved to be back in their own space and their own beds and I know Sara has really missed their dog, but we sure will miss them!!!

Here are a few photos from the last little bit:

Nikki and Fia spider swinging - fun!

Mia's loving the licorice. By the time she was done both her AND papa were covered in red drool.  :) 

Mia walking with the help of Sara and Fia. 

Sara loves to push Mia everywhere we go. She's such a good little mama!

This one of all of us girls was taken right after we picked them up from the airport. Man, we are going to miss them!!!

On Sunday we went on the Austin Duck Adventure. It's this bus/boat contraption that drives you on a tour around town and then drives into the lake and putters around the water as well. I'd gotten a great deal on Groupon before they'd come and so we were in a scramble to find a date that would work for all of us. I was a little worried how much the kids would enjoy it, but it was so fun. They gave us all these duck bill whistles that were a big hit with the three girls and I SO wish we could have captured the look on the girls faces when the big bus made a HUGE splash down as it drove into the water. Too too fun!!!

Our classy bus/boat ride looked like this. (from

All aboard the boat/bus!

Almost everyone sporting their cool complimentary duck bill whistles (can you spot the party pooper?!?!).

Cheese! ...or should I say, "Quack?"

Mia was very relieved to find that mama was willing to share her duck whistle. 

Mia LOVED the duck whistle, even though she couldn't make it quack, and pretty much chewed on it the entire ride.  lol

My beautiful nieces taking in the water view after splashdown.

Man are we going to miss the Lindgrens!  Thankfully we still have three more sleeps before they head home!!!


  1. I think about that sometimes - if people were to EVER visit us, I would probably be even more depressed and lonely when they left! haha

    I'm glad you have had such a fun visit and posted so many fun pictures! It looks like you enjoyed the duck adventures! I went on one of those when I was an intern in Seattle, but no duck whistles on that ride ;)

  2. Did anyone else notice that Mia was letting Sara AND Sophia hold her hands?!