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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Catch'in Up

It's been a busy few weeks. Arm restraints came off, Mia sprouted a new tooth - on the roof of her mouth no less, we went to a friend's niece's quincenera (sweet 15 type of Mexican party), and now we are battling the "icks". So, here's the past little bit in photos:

This is one of my silly favorites - my new phone screen saver.

Mommy and Mia - quick break from the arm restraints at the restaurant.

Who's that cute little mouse?!?!  :) Costco was selling these huge Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals.
We had a fun time ripping paper.

Decided to start trying to climb anything and everything.

Went for a wagon ride with my friend.

Decided to climb some more and give mommy heart failure.

Was super sadness so we went for a walk to check the mail.

Was still super sadness. - She was breakin' my heart! Super snuggly and fussy and so incredibly sad. She hadn't been this sad an inconsolable in a long time.  :( 

Ice cream helped a LITTLE, and that's when I got her to let me take a quick look in her mouth and I spied that darn new tooth on the roof of her mouth - through her newly repaired palate. Sigh...  Apparently it REALLY hurts and for quite some time. My poor sweet baby!

"All you need is love." Mia's new outfit from Great Uncle Harold and Great Auntie Charlotte, as part of a post-surgery care package made us all feel better.  :)  Thank you!!!

Papa and Mia at the quincenera Mass - she loved her shiny black shoes.  :)

And then one with mama and her pink favorite pink blankie.

Family photo at the quincenera reception hall.

Mia LOVED the cumbia music that the band played and was bopping her head along to the music. Here she is clapping away with papa - a huge old grin on her face. We were glad she enjoyed the music, but she just could not wind down - not only because of the music but because of all the people-watching there was. (She is her mother's daughter on that one!)

She finally passed out around 11:30 pm, but unfortunately it was a 30 minute power nap and then she was up until 2 am. Next time we go to a quincenera, mama and Mia are leaving at Mia's bedtime.  :(

More on the over-the-top quincenera that was probably in the $20-30 grand price range later. Yeah, crazy price range!!! I kept telling Mia, "Don't even THINK about it honey!"  Hopefully she won't remember it by the time she's turns 15!  :)


  1. SOOOO cute. I love all those pics of Mia climbing. It's crazy how quickly they can appear on top of things. Poor little Mia. What will they do about the tooth?? I can relate with teeth problems...:) But obviously a million times easier for me to deal with than for that little sweetheart or for you to have to watch. Love to you guys. xoxox