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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wonder, thy name is Mia

I must say that it is so fun seeing the world through the eyes of your child and the simple things they find wonder in. Case in point:

Fascination - thy name is an "outtie" belly button.

I guess we have been neglecting having Mia have enough time around the house without her clothes on because she's just BARELY noticed her belly button over the past few weeks. Now that she knows it's there, she'll lift her shirt to look at it, and even push the top of her diaper down in search of it if the diaper happens to be covering it. Silly girl!

A few other things Mia's finally started doing are pointing and climbing things. She'll point to us in the mirror and she'll point to touch things. It's so fun! She's also a little monkey and seems to have no fear, which is frightening! She loves climbing up on the Love Sac (a HUGE bean bag that we have). From there she'll either look out the window if the blinds are open, or climb over the arm of the couch (which is pushed up against it) and across the couch. She can reach some of the things on the wall behind the couch, so those are going to have to be taken down soon. The scary part is that she likes to head off things head first, so I'm always paranoid that she's going to break her neck!

She's standing all the time now as well. She's even started pushing up from the ground yesterday - before it was from the bean bag or a push toy, etc. She will stand there with this huge grin on her face, making excited baby noises that make us smile. Unfortunately, she still won't take any steps and even more horrifying is that she'll be standing there and sometimes will fling herself forward towards Zeus or I and it doesn't matter if we're watching or not! The good thing is, that now that she's all excited about standing up, she's more likely to hang onto our fingers to walk around. Tonight we went over to Zeus's sister's house to work on her car, and Mia walked all the way across the sidewalk in front of the house and down the side and then up and down the drive way quite a few times. Yay Mia! We're hoping she'll be walking soon! (I know, I know, you're thinking, "Famous last words," right?!?)  lol  We'll take our chances.

Some other cute pics of Mia from the week:

Looking through the photos on papa's phone with him as he reminds her who everyone is.

Ohh!!! Opening a care package from Great Uncle Harold and Great Auntie Charlotte. Fun!!!  Mia LOVES reaching inside something to take things out.

A book!  I LOVE books!

Walking the halls at papa's work when we came to visit him.

Chilling with papa and doing her, "Awe, cute baby!" pose.  :)  Such talent!


  1. How cute that she found her belly button! I haven't noticed if my girls have seen theirs or not. Every time I let them play just in their diapers though they always rub and pat their tummies like crazy. So soft! I love it.

  2. I love her hair! And the fact that she will search for the belly button, love that! She is so adorable. She sounds like she is going to start walking any minute now! She really is too cute.