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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ba Da Be Da Da, Feelin' Groovy!

Mia is doing so good that I have to keep reminding myself that she had such a major surgery just a little over a week ago. If she didn't have the arm restraints on to remind me, I'd probably have to catch myself from feeding her non-mushy foods and would think that it had been longer than surgery than it actually has been.

Here are some photographic proof from the past three days:

What? I LIKE emptying out buckets and playing with all my shoes... and socks... and tights... and leg warmers... and bibs... and bows... and...

Who's cute?

Climbing over, around and through things = fun times! 

Arm restraints are not toys... arm restraints are not toys... Whenever we take them off to get her dressed for the day or to put her pajamas on, she thinks it's great fun to look through the "tubes" of the arms and to slide her skinny little arms in and out of them one at a time.

Heading to the pool in her new swimsuit with built-in floaties = huge torso-ed baby.  :)

Man, do I ever know how to work it.

For reals!

Zerbit!  Enough with the camera mom.  Feed me already so I can get my "swim" on!

Just chillin.

What? Aren't YOU teething too? If so, you can have some ice cream too!

Yummy cold goodness.

Man, we love this little turkey so much!


  1. Love the swimming (well, lounging) pictures! Can she go in the pool with the arm restraints? Or do you have to take them off?

  2. Yeah, my little bathing beauty LOVES the pool. We just got out her old arm restraints (they were a bit small, but as long as we centered them over her elbow, they worked) and let her take them in the pool, then switched them out to the regular ones once we got back home. :) Thankfully they are machine washable!