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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Surgery Date Change - Surgery in TWO days!!!

We got a call yesterday from Shriner's that they had a cancellation for surgery this week and wanted to bump Mia's surgery up a week, so we are heading out first thing in the morning for a three hour drive to Houston for Mia's pre-op appointment at 10 am tomorrow and then have to be at the hospital at 5:45 am the next day (Thursday) to check into the hospital for Mia's surgery first thing that morning.

I'm glad it will be over soon, but the hours in the waiting room as she undergoes surgery loom largely in my mind and I am also so worried about recovery! Mia was babbling away so happily in the back seat of the car yesterday as we ran errands and when I thought about how sad she's going to be when she comes out of surgery and not understanding why she hurts, I almost lost it. I remember how sad she was after her lip surgery and how we walked the halls nonstop with her in our arms until they felt as if they would fall off, at which point we realized we'd brought the stroller with us and switched to that. I think we pushed her in that stroller or held her in our arms for most of that first day and again for the nest few days.

Please keep Mia and her surgeons and nurses in your thoughts and prayers and send all the good karma our way that you can! We pray for a perfect surgery outcome and a speedy recovery for your sweet little Mia.

Off to pack for our three day stay in Houston - sure hope I don't forget anything critical! Stroller is already going into the pile.

I just have to post a few photos of my happy girl to cheer me up before I go pack.

Never can get her to sit in the cart correctly, even when the seat belt is done up tight!

Don't even THINK about touching my cookie mama!

Leggo my eggo!

Drinking from the BIG cup!

Shopping's always more fun with a friend! :)

Hmmm... what is this?!?! Can I try?

My little Sleeping Beauty.

My future mountain climber.

Ahhhhhh!!!! This bottle is good!

Surgery? What's that? I'm not sure I like the sound of it...


  1. I can only imagine how stressful it is for you because I know how stressful it is for me as your sister and Mia's aunt! I love you guys so much and will be thinking of and praying for all 3 of you!!!

  2. Hey you! I hope surgery went okay. I hope Mia and you are doing well. I know how stressful that surgery is. I hope she takes to feeding afterward better than Monster did.

    I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Good luck, and wishes for a speedy recovery!