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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Surgery Date

Yesterday I called Shriner's and left a message to let them know that Mia's weight was 17 lbs 6 oz at her one year check up. I wondered if they'd want to wait until she's older and 18 lbs to do the surgery or if they'd go ahead and do it since she's close and already a year old. I was a little worried that waiting longer for palate surgery could result in speech delay, but also want her as healthy and strong as possible prior to surgery.

I got the call back from Shriner's today and we have our surgery date. The doctor feels that she's close enough to 18 lbs to go ahead with the surgery.  We will go in on Wednesday, August 24th for her clinic and pre-op appointment, surgery will be the next day and will head back home on Friday. The nurse said to be sure and try and pack on as much weight as we can and to keep her as healthy as possible. If she gets sick, they won't do the surgery and it will have to be rescheduled. She'll be the second surgery of the day so it will be interesting to see how she does with the pre-surgery no food and liquids thing now that she's a little earlier and more vocal about things. They will be doing a little baby girl's lip repair surgery right before Mia has her palate done. I was so looking forward to having this surgery over with, but now that we have a date and a count-down, I feel sick and anxious about having my sweet baby have surgery again and having her be in pain. I'm so glad it can be done when she's young enough that she shouldn't remember it when she's older.

So now the count down begins. 35 days until palate surgery.

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  1. Even though it's a routine surgery, just thinking about sweet Mia and her surgeries break my heart. You are amazing! Love you all!! <3