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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Illegal Drugs and Death Defying

Catchy title, eh?  :)  I heard some where that if sugar were discovered today, with it's effects on the body and addictive nature it, would be considered an illegal drug. I laughed when I first heard that and thought it was ridiculous. Well, today when we ran to make a deposit at the bank, Paulina was holding Mia and grabbed each of them a sucker. A tiny little sucker. I thought, no problem. Sucker. Tiny. Mia will probably drool all over, but as long as it's light colored, sure. Entertain her until we get her home for her nap. No problem. Paulina picked out bubble gum pink for Mia and watermelon green for herself.

Thank you Paulina for the little pink ball on a stick!

Wow, this is amazingly delicious! (Notice the crazy baby hair.)

Don't even THINK about taking away my tasty treat.

Yum! (Notice the string of drool and wet drooly shirt.)

Sucker gals heading to the car - doesn't Mia look like a pro.  lol

Yeah, she LOVED it! This is what was left of the sucker at the point that Mia decided the slobbery stick was equally delicious and popped the whole thing in her mouth!

Such a harmless looking little thing...
...and then she skipped her two hour afternoon nap and was up for six hours straight through until bedtime.
I totally get why it would be considered an illegal drug.  lol

Also, now I am worried for Mia's life. I can no longer leave her in the baby-proofed living room while I run to the bathroom for two seconds. This death-defying act happened last night:

Someone climbed onto the top of the coffee table. Dang it!

She was trying to grab her little butterfly thing that attaches to the top of her car seat. It was on the coffee table and she grabbed hold of the side and pulled herself right up. Oh my! I was equal parts excited and horrified at witnessing this newest trick of hers.

Though she was very proud of her new-found skill, she was equal part sad that she was now STUCK up on the coffee table.
Silly Mia.

(Now I feel the need to explain the coffee table and Mia's hair. The coffee table is missing the drawer because it was just glued on and fell off a few months ago. We were going to glue it back on, but 1) we didn't have any wood glue and 2) Mia decided she loved climbing under the table and peeking out of the whole, so we've decided to leave it a little ghetto for now in the name of "it really doesn't matter and the baby loves it".  :)  Now to address the hair. Earlier in the day (see above sucker photos) she had it in a little Pebbles-like pony tail. Mia had mac and cheese for dinner. Mia likes to rub her fingers through her hair, and the occasional food-covered fingers through her hair. Mac and cheese has greasy butter in it, which made itself into said hair. Put both those things together and you have an intense case of crazy hair.)

On a side note, I had a doctor appointment with my OB as my six month post surgery follow up from having my large fibroid removed via C-section. We got the health clearance to start trying for baby number two, if we so choose. Oh my! I know I've mentioned this before, but I LOVE my OB. I took her Mia's one year birthday announcement thing and she loved it. :)  I seriously will be super sad if she ever moves somewhere else or we move someone else. She and her nurse were bummed that I didn't have Mia with me - they love seeing her and hearing about her progress as well, but it was her nap time so I left her home with Zeus. I also stopped by the NICU to drop off Mia's one year birthday announcement as well. I was so happy that one of our NICU nurses was there as well as one of the nurses that took care of me when I had Mia. I think it's great that they remember us and seem to love us as much as we love them, and they also love hearing about Mia and how she's doing. Between family and friends and our wonderful doctors and nurses, Mia sure does have a huge team on our side that love and are interested in how Mia's doing. Lucky, lucky us!  :)


  1. I love the title and I loved the part about Mia skipping her 2 hour nap and being up 6 hours straight through to bedtime!

    On a side note, do you remember that pic you took on the flight after Florida when we gave little Nathan a blue dum dum? This post reminded me of that! :)

  2. Lol - I was about to ask about the her hair in the coffee table picture! :)