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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Big Behind

Beyond the obvious implied by the title (and reinforced today in the bathroom mirror as I was putting on my swimming suit), I am behind in a BIG way on this blogging business and I'm feeling a little sad about it.  I'm thinking I need to actually try and schedule it into my day in order to get it done and also to feel live I've had some sort of creative outlet for the day.

This latest blah in blog slacking has been due in part to some angst I've been having about money (or the lack thereof) and bills and not working and struggling with that.  It doesn't help that my house in another state has a mortgage that is $300 a month more than what I can find tenants for.  Thank goodness I have them though or we'd be in even more dire straights.  It also doesn't help that I decided to watch some other kids to help out with some of the bills and winded up hooking up with a psycho who won't pay me for the days I watched her kids.  Luckily, it only lasted 2 days before she went nutty, but still, that's nine hours of work and about a month's supply of baby food or formula.  Bummer summer.  Then we were looking at renting out the guest room in our house, but that started freaking us out because it's the room right next to Mia's.  So then we were going to move her crib into our room just for our own peace of mind and to be on the safe side.  When that fell through, we were not so sad about it.

Well, today is better. This big behind now has two jobs and I think I'm going to really enjoy them!  One is that I'm watching a friend's 10 year old daughter for two months this summer.  She's a real doll and easy to have around (although today WAS only the first day - lol).  Then today I had someone call to have me tutor their three kids this summer.  Wooo whooo!  :)  I'm so excited to have things to do to keep me busy and to tap my educational juices.  Sometimes I can't sleep because I'm thinking of a new way to teach something, even though I don't have a classroom anymore, so this should be really fun.  

The littlest (and cutest) behind in the household took a spill today.  Mia pulls herself to standing all the time, but seems totally incapable of exiting the standing position in any kind of graceful matter whatsoever.  She'll just lean and plop to one side or the other, or just stick her bum out behind and plop down with a thud.  Well today she was standing in front of the toy shelf pulling toys off and did a bum-flop down.  Usually this is no problem, but today she didn't lean back far enough and scraped the end of her little nose on the edge of the shelf.  Poor thing!  It must have really hurt and it even bled.  Sadness!!!  She cried and cried, poor little sweet heart.  I was finally able to calm her down by taking her out on the back porch and that was able to distract her from the pain in her little nose.

Owie!  :(  It breaks my heart to see it.  Noses are SO sensitive, and to scrape it so bad that it bleeds makes my heart hurt and my own nose ache.

Feeling a little better, but sporting a shiner on her nose.

Mia checking out our new friend.

Feeling more comfy with things and moving in for a better view and within arms-reach of the markers.

Yummy yellow marker and red owie-nose.  She did a bum-plop in front of the toy shelf this  morning and scraped the end of her nose on it.  Sadness.

Sun-screen mow-hawk and Rudolf nose. 

Rocking her ballerina swim suit.

Ready to head to the pool - yay!

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  1. Mia's swimsuit is adorable! And it looks like she loves having a friend around to play with! I hope all goes well with your side jobs! They both sound ideal! (And yeah, I would freak out about having someone else living in my house next to my daughter's room!)