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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 months (about a month late!)

So, we were horribly (about a week) late getting Mia's 10 month photos done and it was NOT a pleasant experience.  She is so mobile now that it is a FIGHT to try and get her to hold still and nearly impossible to take them by myself.  We finally decided we were going to take them that day no matter what, and ended up taking them at the end of the day, right before we put her down to bed for the night.  Needless to say, there ended up being three tired, grouchy, irritated people in the house that night.  Luckily there are only two more months to go (one this week since we are so late in posting these) before Mia turns one and we stop doing them EVERY month!  :)

I can't believe how big she's getting!!!

Thinking about how she can escape the parental units flanking her.

Plan 1.  Failed.

Plan 2: Distract papa with flirty eyes...

...then make a run for it.  ARGH!

Chair photos didn't go much better.

Repositioned and fighting it.

And being caught by mama before doing a nose dive off the chair.  Aye Mia!

Yeah, this was the best we could get.  :)

At 10 months Mia:
  • still babbles like crazy, but still mostly vowel sounds and "ga-ga-ga" or "gwa-gwa-gwa"
  • tears all over the house on her hands and knees still
  • can pull to standing with mom or dad's fingers but doesn't pull to standing on other things
  • likes to play "peek-a-boo" and "I'm gonna get you!"
  • will follow you around if  you crawl away from her
  • doesn't like being by herself in a room and will follow you if she sees you leave the room
  • still loves cups
  • still does not like people to hold on to her hands
  • claps when she's happy and also when she's upset
  • when she's playing with something she shouldn't, if you say, "Uh oh, not for Mia," she'll quite often move on to something else  :)
  • if she doesn't move on and you head towards her to rectify the situation, she'll throw whatever it is away from her and start clapping (almost like she's saying, "See, I don't have anything!  Yay!")  lol
  • loves to play in the cabinets
  • knows and responds to her name, and knows who Mama and Papa are
  • will go to just about anyone if they put their arms out to her
  • still friendly to strangers
  • still loves books, showers, songs, being danced with and baths
  • can still fit in 6-9 month clothes and some wider 3-6 month shorts/skirts
  • still is some larger size 1 shoes as well as size 2 shoes
  • is growing up way to fast and is still such a joy!!!

...and she's off!


  1. I love the "action" shots! They catch her personality and age so well! :) We love you Mia!!!!

  2. Am I your one loyal reader?? :) Glad you are back! Love your hair and your matching pink toes with sweet Mia. I gotta try that sometime. Hate forced pictures...always so frustrating but good to capture things how they truly are once in awhile.

  3. I love you guys! :) Al - you totally need to try the paint thing and see if the twins are as mesmerized by it as Mia was. Mish and Al, it was fun in posting them to see her little personality, though Zeus and I were quite frustrated in trying to actually TAKE them! lol