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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, April 11, 2011


First, I have to say, HIP HIP HOORAY!!! WE'RE HEADED TO GRANDMA'S IN ONE MORE DAY!!! Tomorrow Mia and I are headed up to Utah to stay two weeks with grandma and grandpa and see family and friends. SO excited!!! Got most of the packing done today and Zeus is heading home on his lunch hour to run us to the airport. Utah, here we come!!! I'm excited for all of my friends to see Mia again and to show off my precious little girl. The last time we were there was pre lip repair surgery and pre crawling, so I'm excited to show off my mobile little monkey!  :)

This was my little Mia moo when we visited back in October...

...and this is my big girl now!

Now. For a serious story. 

I decided to make baked and breaded chicken for dinner. Seriously. I really did, though those of you who know my great lack of cooking skills and my husbands prowess at it may not believe me. At the same time however, as those of you who know how easily I can get distracted might predict, I decided that it would be a fun surprise for my husband if I whipped up boxed pudding (my kind of cooking!) for desert.  I got out a large bowl and emptied two boxes of cheese cake pudding into it. I then realized that the chicken would take longer so I should probably do that first and then finish up the pudding while the chicken was cooking. I put the pudding bowl on top of the toaster so it would be out of the way while I dealt with the chicken. I got out a bowl and mixed the egg, garlic, basil, and onion in and then got out another smaller Tupperware to mix the breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese in. The chicken was defrosting in a Ziploc in some hot water and I was about to grab it out dip and bread it when the doorbell rang. I thought it would be the neighbor girls asking to borrow the pool key, but it ended up being the neighbor over the fence (who'd had a full size horse in a teensy corner of his tiny backyard in our residential neighborhood). Apparently someone'd called the HOA about it and he was upset and wanted to share with me his big old plan to fight the association and see if we'd be interested in having the horse be in our much larger back yard on occasion if he was able to win, and also if we'd be interested signing a petition supporting him once he got it written up. As one might imagine, it was not a quick conversation. Zeus, meanwhile, was inside working on homework for grad school - or so I thought. I came back in to find him in the kitchen breading the chicken. I guess the oven had beeped that it had pre-heated, so he got up to help me out, sweet man. I mentioned how good it already smelled and thanked him for starting it for me and headed over to help out. He was about to plop the chicken in the pan to stick in the oven, when he mentioned that he thought that I was going to dip them in bread crumbs. I told him that of course it was the plan, just like I'd mentioned to him before. He then asked why then had I had a big bowl of flower out. Seriously? Flour? I didn't have a big bowl of flower out. Then it dawned on me. Oh no!!! My dear husband had breaded the chicken in all of the cheese cake pudding mix! Seriously, for real. He'd helpfully dipped the chicken in the egg, garlic and onion mixture, then into the cheese cake pudding mix, back into the egg mixture and again into the cheese cake pudding mix just for good measure. Seriously. I was about rolling on the floor laughing as I explained it to him, even as smoke started steaming out of my dear husband's ears. Seriously. Well, not about the smoke, though he was steaming mad (doesn't see the humor in things sometimes QUITE as quickly as I do), but I thought it was pretty humorous and was having a hard time not laughing - hard. Luckily, I was able to rinse the crazy mixture off of all the chicken and get it breaded and into the oven. I even went ahead and pulled out more pudding and whipped it up as well. Seriously was able to save the day, and seriously got a kick out of my cheese cake pudding crusted chicken fiasco. lol Told you it was a serious story - seriously funny!


  1. That's an awesome story! I would have been tempted to try leaving a piece with the pudding mix on it just to see how it came out, lol. Still chuckling....

  2. LOL thats so funny!!!! I love it!

    Mia is so big and such an adorable baby!!! Love it!!

  3. LOL! I had to share it with Jeff. I also love how the random conversation about the horse fit right in! haha