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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Fun

The last few days we've just hung around the house together, gone out to eat a few times, stepped out shopping a few times and pretty much just kept it nice and low key.  Forgive the blurry cell phone photos.

Mia rocking with Uncle Kevin.

See, totally just chillin'.  :)

Thankfully Uncle Harold (my dad's youngest brother) was better at getting his camera out and taking photos than the rest of us were and he was nice enough to let us download them so we were able to have some non-cell phone photos.

Tiffany, fastidiously reading.

Holding up my chins for the photo.  :)  See, only one!

Carnivorous beastie Mia, chewing on her shoe.

Mia and Tiffany doing what they do best - chewing on stuff and reading.  :)

But wait! I can do another trick as well!

Wait for it!  Wait for it!

I can SWING IT!!!  YEE HAW!!!

Playing with mommy.

Grandma (my mom) finding a less conspicuous way to hide the chins.  Good one!

Mia teaching mama how to text on Uncle Harold's phone.

Mia teaching Uncle Harold where his nose was - he was way surprised to find it right there in front.  :)

Mia teaching Uncle Harold how to wave.

S M I L E !

Hanging with the boys - Kevin, Grandpa (my dad), and Uncle Harold

Uncle Harold and Auntie Charlotte sent some ADORABLE outfits for Mia.  They were size 12 month so that she could grow into them and wear them for a while.  They were a little big, but we had to have a fashion show anyhow.  I was surprised how much they almost fit - we rolled the waistbands of the pants and that helped.  The colors were so fun and looked so great on her.  Here are the photos from the fashion show.  :)

Mia's cool new patriotic bib. (Uncle Harold and Aunt Charlotte were married on the 4th of July)

Darling outfit number one.  SO cute!

Darling outfit number two.  But of course!  :)

Darling outfit number three.  LOVE IT!

Walk like an Egyptian.

And a foot photo for Auntie Charlotte - she loves baby feet, but unfortunately Mia's can be a little tricky to get to hold still long enough.  Smart mama found a great solution.  :)

Reading an upside down book with Aunt Tiffany - an upside down boat, an upside down wagon...

Capturing the attention of Kevin and Tiffany by clapping.  :)  We spent a lot of time watching Mia do cute things.

Freshly bathed little baby sweetly snuggling grandma.

Today at church, my little brother Kevin gave little Mia her blessing which is similar to a christening in other churches.  He was so sweet to do it for us!  Unfortunately late last night he woke up with a head ache and later threw up, so needless to say he wasn't feeling so great that morning.  Mia had also woke up with a cough and'd had a rough night the night before.  Luckily we all made it to church and Mia was able to get blessed.  Yesterday we all went out to lunch at Cafe Rio (a local favorite of mine) and Uncle Harold and I got there before the other two cars so we ran next door to TJ Maxx to see if they had any pretty little dresses.  We found a darling little dress and though I was planning on paying for it myself, Uncle Harold insisted on paying for half (thank you Uncle Harold and Aunt Charlotte) and my mom paid for the other half as part of an early birthday present for her (thank you mom).  Needless to say, Mia looked incredibly adorable today.  :)  My dear friend Amy Craig was able to make the 8:30 am meeting with her twin 18 month old girls in tow - what a woman!!!

Fashion show when we got home - is this not the cutest dress ever?!?!?

The pretty detail work on the top layer - so pretty!

Sitting so sweetly in church on Uncle Kevin's lap.

Pretty baby Mia with Uncle Kevin after church.

Photo with her favorite mama.  :)  Man, I never thought she had my eyes before...

Man I love this beautiful, wonderful little girl!

Kevin, Mia and I came home after the Sacrament meeting because Kevin and Mia weren't feeling so good.  Luckily after a bottle and a nap, Mia was feeling better, though her voice is really hoarse.  Kevin, unfortunately is still feeling a bit under the weather.  We happened to talk to a man from the church and I mentioned that Mia was feeling sick and he offered to come over and check her out so that we didn't have to run into Wee Care.  He happened to be a pediatrician and came over and checked her breathing and looked in her ears, nose and mouth.  It was such a blessing not to have to run across town to the only 24 hour emergent care facility and even called in a prescription for her because she's congested and is working on another ear infection.  I'm wondering if we're going to have to get tubes put in after all.  I was so thrilled that she wasn't having many ear infections, but she had one beginning of December, middle of March and now middle of April.  Poor thing!

After her nap - checking out the reflection in the tree pot.

And back to her old self - licking everything.  lol  No wonder she's currently sick!

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  1. I love the pictures! It looks like such a fun trip and little Mia is a doll! Miss you all!