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Friday, April 15, 2011

3 days down already

We are three days into our Utah trip and time is already starting to go by too quickly (though I'm sure my husband would not quite agree with that)!  :)  I can't believe it's already been three days since Zeus took us to the airport and we flew out.  Zeus ran home from work during his lunch break on Tuesday to run us to the airport. Mia was just waking up from her nap when he walked in the door and when she saw him she got this huge old grin on her face and started clapping like crazy.  Papa came in and got her and did his customary dancing with her to the music on the thing in her crib one last time before we headed out.  I had to run and get my camera so I could snap some photos of my sweeties dancing together.

Mia dancing with her papa.

As you can tell by the HUGE grin on her face, she does not enjoy it at ALL!  :)

At the airport saying bye to papa.

Standing in her car seat on the airplane, checking out everything.

Saw the pretty snow covered mountains in Utah.

Checking out grandma.

Investigating every nook, cranny, electrical chord, and heating vent, along with the huge sliding glass door.

On Wednesday we went to Amy Craig's house and played with foam mats, books, and foam blocks.

Mia crawled all over and played with Amy's adorable twins Emma and Ellie.

Ate aforementioned foam blocks.
Went to Chili's with Amy and her sis and all the kiddos.  Mia ate puffs off the table and whacked the table like crazy.  :)

We went to the school I use to teach at and saw Miss Fipe, my former teacher assistant - we love you Miss Fipe!

Mia was adored by my former students who wanted me to PLEASE come back and be their teacher again cause I was the best teacher ever, they said.  I also got tons of hugs and love notes as well - such fun!

We came home and Mia was passed out cold!

Grandpa put his hat on me.  I wasn't too sure about it.

We are having so much fun hanging out with family and friends and are looking forward to seeing more friends next week!

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  1. Darcie! We need to coordinate! I've been in SLC this week and was planning on going in to Mt. view but something came up. Perhaps it would've been TOO much excitement at school but I would sure love to meet Mia. :)