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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wedding and baby celebration - Austin, TX

Some of the great ladies at Zeus's work wanted to have a dinner in our honor, celebrating our wedding and the upcoming baby. Such incredibly sweet and thoughtful ladies! We both feel so greatful to have the opportunity to work at jobs with such wonderful people!
These great ladies (Barbara, Jan and Rosie) sent out invites and made us go register (which actually turned out to be fun!) for some wedding and baby stuff. The big event was held this last weekend, Saturday, February 27th at Jan's home. There was a fabulous turnout and everyone had such a great time! Special thanks to Jan and Juan for opening their home to everyone for the party. Besos y abrazos to all who helped out and also to all who were able to make it!

Rosie, her sister, Me and Jan

You can see my prego belly in this one - this shirt accentuates the pregnancy a little more than some of my other shirts. lol Rosie, Jan, and Barbara are the FABULOUS ladies who threw the celebration dinner for us. Thank you so much ladies - YOU ROCK!!! Poor Barb was in the hospital and couldn't make it, but was most definitely there in our hearts! Hope you feel better soon Barb!

Stacey, Me, Lisa, and Carrie - three great gals from my work who were able to come to help us celebrate. Stacey and Carrie are two of my other first grade team members, and Lisa is the teacher who is trusting me with her first grade class as she moves on to being an instructional coach. Such fun ladies! I feel blessed to have such great new friends and team members - such a blessing!

Freddy (Zeus's nephew), Danny (Zeus's baby brother), Bertha (Zeus's sister), comadre Hilda (Danny's wife and our sister-in-law), and comadre Lupe (sister-in-law)

Michelle, Nathan and I - oh, and you can see Mia hanging out in my belly in this one. As I said before, this is one of those shirts that I actually look pregnant in and you can see my "baby bump"! :)

Rosie, Juan, Jan, Stacey and Lisa

Juan and Jan surprised us with a toast to Zeus and I - the happy couple. Cheers!

Zeus and I opening gifts and reading cards. Carlos and Rosario helping out.

Everyone was so kind and generous - it was quite overwhelming! It was also great to meet so many of the important people from Zeus's life. We are really enjoying being able to add so many new friends to our growing extended Texas family!

Being buried in gifts by our cute nephews (DJ and Carlos) and niece (Rosario) who were SO excited to help hand us the gifts.

Zeus and I opening the gift from Mish, Jeff and Nathan. I had to post this one because the adorable blanket style is called Mia Rose. We loved the pinks and browns in the blanket and when we saw it had Mia's name on it, we just HAD to register for it. :) Thanks Mish and fam! It was so fun registering for all the cute little baby girl things with ruffles and bows!

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