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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preggo Sister Bellies

Mish and Nathan came over for play time and spaghetti. Poor Mish had been running around all day but we were still able to talk her into driving over with Nathan for some spaghetti and garlic bread. YUM! As always, it was nice having them over. Zeus and Nathan practiced their colors and built a fortress/tower while Mish and I talked pregnancy and tiredness and life.

Nathan and Uncle Zeus busy building their tower/fortress.

Nathan found one of the little friendship bracelets that I had for school and put it on his head like a little halo.

He thought it was great fun, silly boy!

Mish and I and our prego bellies.
Two weeks apart - Mish is due June 12th, I'm due June 25th.

Her belly is SO much cuter than mine so far. I think it's SO UNFAIR, but Zeus just laughs at me, Mr. Rudey-Mc-Ruder-Son!

Sisters, sisters! With baby boy and baby girl due in June, respectively.

See how Zeus centered in on Mish's cute tummy...
I KNEW he liked her belly better!!! :)

Yikes, getting ready to give Mish her shot.
This is true sisterly love and sisterly trust, eh?

By her face and pose, you'd think she was preparing herself for me to start surgery instead of stick a teensy little needle in her!!!
(Just kidding... I wouldn't be too thrilled myself it things were reversed!)

Mish's face post-shot was much more re-assuring!

See, I didn't hurt her so bad after all, the big drama queen! Okay, okay, so she's one tough cookie and I'm SO glad it's her and not me that needs shots in the tummy every day for the whole pregnancy. Mish, you rock and I'll shoot you any time. :)
It was so fun to have Mish and Nathan over for dinner and play time tonight. We are looking forward to a few more dinners together over the next few nights!
Uncle Zeus and Nathan going over colors.


  1. I look like SUCH an idiot in those shot pictures! Sheesh. But, thanks for giving me the shot, I guess I'll forgive you for posting them! LOL. And I think your belly is way cute. When Jeff gets home maybe we can have him take a picture of our bellies. I think Zeus was sick of taking the pictures! :) You are one cute pregnant woman!! It's so fun to be due together!

  2. PS - I was just going to my "happy place" with the shots. I wonder what I look like when I give MYSELF the shot! hahaha

  3. Both of you look SO cute! Love ya, Mom

  4. You both look so great! I missed the fun by about 8 months. I was just thinking about Sadie kicking and hiccuping in my belly and being pregnant and really missing it.

    Yikes, it is a bit soon to be saying that. Let's get through year one first!

  5. Love getting all the pictures of the stay! Great pictures of you guys with each other, and I like that Nathan/Zeus picture too. : ) Lol - and the video. 'Green!' 'No Red." "Red!". Lol. At least that is what it sounded like. :)

    Um... And Mishi, that did not look like a happy place in that photo. Maybe you need a new happy place. ;D

  6. Don't let Dan hear that Brienne! :> It makes me miss you all when I read your blogs and see the pictures!


  7. I think BOTH of these dearly-loved preggo bellies are ADORABLE!!! It is SO fun to have a sister to share pregnancy with . . . Your mom and I used to mostly alternate years, but I think Kevin and Dustin were semi simultaneous, though we didn't live close like you two do . . .

    These kinds of memories are PRICELESS . . . absolutely PRICELESS . . . cherish this time together . . .

    LOL . . . doesn't that sound like an 'old fogey' auntish thing to say? heh heh heh . . . ;o)

  8. HEY! I'M SUPER JEALOUS you guys get to share these pregnancies together, without me I mean!! :P What cool pics, and how fun with the dual belly pics. And OMG I can't believe you posted the shot pics! Were those per request of mom??? :)