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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kickin' up her heels

Mia was kicking up a storm this morning and it was so fun to feel her move! I'm not sure if she was upset because it was later than I usually eat, and she usually kicks around a little during breakfast, or because she could hear all the extra activity and wanted to be sure she didn't miss out and so was making herself known. :)

We have a fun house full of family today and she was kicking constantly enough that lots of them were able to feel her move. Usually she'll kick for a minute and then won't kick again for a while, but this morning she was on a roll! Zeus was able to feel a few good ones as well as his sister Bertha. At one point, I had my hand on my stomach waiting to feel her kick again, and she kicked so hard that my hand even moved! :)

His sister Bertha and sister-in-law Lupe stayed the night as well as Lupe's daughter Rosario and our nephews from Odessa (DJ and Carlos) who are staying the week in Austin while their parents go on a mini-vacation. When the kids realized that we were feeling the baby, they all wanted to feel her move and at one time I had three little hands on my tummy and three little faces looking up at me waiting to feel her kick. They are so precious! I had Zeus quick grab the camera and try to get a picture of them before they lost interest and ran back off to play. :)

Carlos, DJ and Rosario all came running over to put their little hands on my tummy to see if they could feel Mia moving.

25 weeks along so far so my tummy is really starting to grow. Every time Rosario sees me now, she touches my tummy and says, "Wow, the baby is getting bigger!" Bless her heart for saying "the baby is getting bigger" and not just "your tummy is getting bigger"! lol

Rosario felt Mia kick and then stepped back while DJ and Carlos waited to feel her move too. Such a little lady!

DJ and Carlos made sure that I remembered that THEIR mom had a baby in her tummy too. Their baby is due to arrive in October so it's still too small to feel from the outside though. Their family is hoping for a baby girl as well. Cross your fingers for them!


  1. I check every day to see if any of my kidlets have added to their blogs. We LOVE pictures! It is so nice as a grandma (and grandpa) to keep up to date on the happenings in the lives of those we love so dearly. Sounds life a fun, sweet family time! Thanks for supporting Mishi while Jeff was gone! Love, Mom A.

  2. PS Cute little prego belly! Mom

  3. LOL . . . VERY cute little preggo belly . . . Wish I was closer so *I* could feel Mia kick TOO! ;o)

  4. You are so brave LOL I never took "exposed" belly pictures LOL I sucked over all at taking preggo belly pictures in general!

    Cute kids wanting to feel Mia move (o: So sweet!!! (o: