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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweet Lina

Zeus's sweet mom Lina passed away last night in San Antonio. She was an amazing woman whose bright smile, fierce love and devotion for her family and friends, zest for life, feisty spirit and endearing sweetness touched all who came in contact with her.

momma Lina and her Coy (Zeus), at her home in El Paso

Zeus (Coy), his nephew Freddy, and grandma/momma Lina

at Zeus's friend's wedding in El Paso

Zeus (Coy), Me, his brother Augustin (Tuco)

friends David (Cookie) and Violeta, momma Lina, and her husband Poncho

Danny's wife Hilda, brother Danny, sister Bertha,

momma Lina, and Zeus (Coy) at his house in Austin

We love you Lina.

You will be greatly missed,

never forgotten, and

forever in our hearts.


  1. I am SO sorry to hear about this . . . oh man, poor Zeus . . . but maybe this is the only way she would have been able to 'be' at your wedding in a few weeks . . . because I am SURE she will be there in spirit to see her beloved son marry the woman of his dreams . . .


  2. Everytime I look at the pictures of Lina my heart just aches and aches. I could tell how very much she means to Zeus and his family. She must have been an extra special mama to raise a man the quality of Zeus. I wish I could have gotten to know her. You are all continually in our prayers...morning, night and often in between.

    Mom A