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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SADNESS of sadnesses!!!

My Flip video recorder will no longer download to my computer!!!!  Sadness of sadnesses!!!  We have all these cute videos on there that we can't download and have this recorder that records wonderful quality videos but we can't access them!!!  I'm in the depths of despair.  :(

My only recourse to be able to post a crawling video was to use my cell phone to video tape the clip off the little viewing window on the Flip recorder.  Horrible quality from the cell phone, but you can kind of see her crawling.  Sadness!!!

Fuzzy, but our only solution for now.  I'm SO bummed!!!!

Here are some other videos I had on my phone from the last couple of months of my little mobile turkey:

Mia calling for ga-ga-gama to come back and visit soon after her visit in January to help out when I had surgery.  Lucky for us we are headed THERE next week for a visit - hooray!!!

Clapping baby! 
Sorry it's so dark, our living room has horrible lighting.  The Flip camera would still take a bright, great quality video - totally not the case with my cell phone.

This is how a video from the Flip looked in comparison.  I love this video from January of Mia giving her papa "loves" and snuggles!!!

This is one of my favorites from the end of February when I was trying to take her 8 month photos and all she wanted to do was play with the giraffe, which she thought was SO funny.


  1. Love the videos! The one with Zues doesn't work though - it's marked as private! I have to admit that the thought that you got to see mom in January and are going again next week made me really sad to realize how far away I am!!! Love you all!

  2. I had the same problem with the one with Zeus (was private so I couldn't view it). So cute though! The last one where she is laughing is adorable! I am sad your camera thing won't upload though! Excited for you to come visit Darcie!

  3. Oops! My bad. Fixed the video. Thanks for the heads up sis's!!! I know Mish, it's so not fair, but so fun. Well, I DID have surgery in Jan, which is why mom came out, so technically that wasn't really all that fun. ...hmmmm... I remember her spending time with you before you moved. :) Oh, and it's also so not fun that I don't get to go play in London with you. :( Excited to see you too Tiff! Wish you and the boys could be there too Mish!!!

  4. SUCH adorable little baby giggles!!! I can NOT believe how grown up she is getting . . . She is growing up WAY too fast!!!