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Thursday, August 5, 2010

First really crazy comment...

So, we had our first really crazy comment about Mia's precious little face and survived without any emotional scaring.  Zeus handled it so well.  I was taken aback and left speechless for a moment.  I'm so glad that she'll have her surgeries out of the way before she understands stuff like that that people caught of guard can unwillingly say.

We were waiting for our second leg of the flight back home from Seattle and were waiting at our gate in the Phoenix airport.  There was this little old man that Zeus had helped find the gate he was flying out of which happened to be our gate.  I'd had Mia in the bathroom changing her and the poor old man couldn't figure out his gate number and had confused his ticket number for his gate number.  It just so happened that he was flying out the same gate we were, so later on he wandered over and said hello.  I had taken off her NAM device because it was driving me crazy and slipping down, so her little lip was free of any devices. 

He asked how old the baby was and leaned over to look at her.  When he saw her little face he blurted out, "Oh!  There's something wrong with her nose!  Are they going to cut that off?" 

While my chin hit the floor, her sweet papa said calmly and matter-of-factly, "No, they are going to sew it together and fix it."

What a great man I married.  I can't even imagine what I might have said in response to that comment if I had been alone and once I recovered and picked my jaw up off the floor.  I wasn't mad, just totally caught off guard.  There definitely would have been an awkward pause before some kind of response about it being a cleft lip and her going to have surgery to correct it in a few months.  Poor old man, I'm not even sure if he realized how crazy his comment was or if he was just totally oblivious.  Zeus was able to respond so quickly and in a way that calmly gave him the facts without making him feel bad about his comment, and that was that.

Good job papa!


  1. First off, Way to go Daddy! People are like kids sometimes, they just say what they think without thinking about it. Glad you guys survived your first comment!

    Second of all, How dare you be in Phoenix and not tell me! Unless your lay over was like less than an hour. Otherwise you are in big trouble missy!! (o:

  2. people can be very insensitive and ignorant at times-- regardless of age. my mom always says that god sends angels only to those who can handle them, god had chosen you two, for mia is an angel. only people who are strong enough can take care and protect such special angels-- love you and don't let nonsense get you down! violeta.

  3. Taunia, our layover was just over an hour and was in the middle of the day. We had to go pretty far to the new gate, and after Mish missing the first leg of their flight back east, we were a little paranoid about making our connection! :)

    Vio, thank you, we definitley feel blessed to have such a sweet angel in our lives and love her to distraction!

  4. WOW . . . that kind of comment would be SO hard to deal with, especially coming out of the blue like that from someone Zeus had HELPED . . . but I really doubt that he meant it unkindly . . . He was just surprised and said the first thing that came into his head . . . You might run in to an OCCASIONAL ill mannered jerk, but MOST people would not dream of being hurtful or unkind . . .

    Zeus handled it perfectly . . . She is your gorgeous, beloved, precious little daughter, and there is nothing to be ashamed or feel bad about . . . People are not used to seeing an uncorrected cleft palate, so educating people is definitely the way to go . . .

    YAY Zeus!!!