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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My sweet husband....

Here comes a story... :)

My sweet husband Zeus starts work later than I do, so I'm the first one out of bed in the morning. *grumble* Anyhow, he likes me to turn on the TV in the room so he can "ease in" to waking up as I get ready. More often than not, as I'm coming in and out of the bathroom I'll find him rolled over on my side of the bed. He says that this is due to my side being more comfy and my pillows being better. lol Okay, so I DO have a twin sized memory foam pad on my side, and I have a body pillow (that Zeus is VERY envious of), but I'm preggos so I need it, right. :) And, I love him so I got him some nice pillows too (not only so he's comfy, but so he doesn't steal mine).

Anyhow, this morning he was once again skewumpusly on my side of the bed and his feet were hanging off the side. As I came out of the bedroom I noticed that there were splotches of something all over the bottom of his feet. As I looked closer I realized that the splotches were paint and realised that he'd probably painted Mia's room last night. I'd gone to bet shortly after 8 pm the night before and he didn't get to bed until around 11. (I know this because I woke up then to his head on my stomach and him talking to Mia, who was kicking and rolling around like crazy for papa. It's a miracle that I normally can sleep through all that movement inside me... and that goodness for that! I LOVE it when he talks to our daughter!)

Sure enough, my sweet man had painted Mia's room. Of course, he acted all innocent when I asked him and said he wanted it to be a surprise. He wondered how I new, and I clued him in to his paint covered feet. :) Then I noticed a swatch of paint on his bicep that was a little larger and further realized that it was NOT the color of paint that I had bought for him to paint her room. My sweet husband had painted her room the expensive primer and paint mix that I'd bought to paint the hallway, NOT the expensive primer and paint mix can that I'd bought to paint Mia's room. HE, of course, was SURE that he'd done it the right color and wanted me to "prove it" to him. :) Unfortunately I was able to do that. Hopefully we will still have enough of that paint color to finish up the hall without having to buy another can. We shall see. :)

My sweet husband was so discouraged, dear man! Here's a picture of Mia's room in the Brown Teepee color that the hall way is going to be, instead of the Blanket Brown that it was suppose to be. Luckily, we'd already had it taped and he said it only took about an hour to do, but we'll probably be fixing it this weekend since we already have the paint and the other color is too dark for the long hallway. :) Here's a picture of Mia's crib that we put together last weekend. It sure made it seem more real and Zeus and I worked on putting it together!!! Can't wait until her room is all painted and put together and we can bring her home to it! :) Yay!

Of course, this is the same sweet husband that was fine with my simple plans for Valentine's Day - pizza by candlelight and a silly RedBox cartoon movie. Here's a pic I found of us celebrating Valentine's amidst boxes and unpacking.

I'm such a lucky gal and I love him so much!


  1. Aww that's cute! He seems like a really good guy! (o: Lucky girl!! (o:

    (haha we dont even celebrate Valentines Day! LOL)

  2. The room looks pretty. Not a bad color at all.
    :D What a sweetie to want to get it done so you didn't get exposed to the fumes!

  3. Looking at the crib makes me remember when we had your room all ready for you and were waiting for your arrival! Is seems like just yesterday.

  4. Oh, bummer...Michelle's site wouldn't let me in under our password so I typed hers and I TOTALLY spaced it when I commented on your wall. The above two comments (Austin and Jeff & Michelle) and of course this one are from your Mama...not your sister. :P

  5. LOL Kathy . . . I did a double take on Michelle sending Darcie a motherly comment like that . . . Too funny!

    The room looks great, Darcie, but how funny that your sweetie used the hallway color by mistake (err, not by mistake, since he thought he had the RIGHT color . . .) but since they were both browns, it is totally understandable . . . (My Mark always says 'brown is brown' and doesn't get the subtle nuances of difference between a TEEPEE brown and a BLANKET brown . . . sheesh . . . as IF ) LOL ;o)

    How FUN to be getting ready and yeah, the crib up makes it seem SO much more real . . . Little Mia surely will be VERY loved and welcomed to her new home and her little family . . .