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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HIP, HIP, HOORAY! - living room

HIP, as you may NOT know, will refer to House In Progress for this and some future HIP, HIP, HOORAY blogs. :) So, the house is coming along slowly but surely. Thanks to Auntie Sheryl who reminded me that I haven't posted any pictures of the HIP (house in progress), this goes out to all of you who live SO very far away and have not yet had the opportunity to visit and check out our house. :)

So, due to popular request (and the fact that progress IS slowly being made) here are some before and after pictures of stuff we have done so far in a few rooms:

Here's is the old view looking down the hallway in to the living room at the back wall of the house that runs between the living room and kitchen. Zeus had painted the wall a color called Caribbean Blue and yes, it was an electric blue color. It worked in his bachelor pad, but I love earthy colors and was trying to figure out how to merge the two. Zeus said that I could change the color if I needed, though I'm sure it broke a little of his heart. I honestly didn't mind it, but with all the furniture that I was bringing in and the colors I wanted to put on the walls in other areas, it became kind of hard to fit in.

The first change I made was to change the TV from the wall on the left to the back wall and to move the couch against the side wall where the TV was and facing the back wall. This was taken shortly after we unloaded the moving van and still had boxes EVERYWHERE!
So we kept the blue theme, but changed it to an earthy blue color. The color ended up looking really dark "prison blue" (according to Zeus) during the day because the light through the windows was so nice and bright. It really DID look so much darker on that back wall, so I decided to keep the same color for that wall and paint it a THIRD time with a blue that was a couple shades lighter. It blends REALLY well with the same darker blue color on the side wall, and during some times of the day with the way the room is lit up, you can hardly tell that they are two pretty different shades.

Here's the final product, walls finished (except for touching up over the original color along the ceiling), drapes hung, wall things hung, and furniture arranged. The flash didn't go off, so it's a little darker than it looks in actuality. I love it and having new paint and some of my furniture in it makes it really feel like home. That's all for now. Going to watch a movie with the husband and grab some grub. More pics of other rooms later. (Oh, in this pic you can see the changing table we got on the far right side. It's currently in the kitchen as we get ready to paint Mia's room.) :)


  1. Beautiful! Does Zeus like it much as the original blue? A wife's touch really makes it look more homey with the clock and the decor.

    Love to you both,
    Mom A

  2. There is really no comparison when you look at before & after! I'm glad you could make it feel like "home" and it's fun that it gets to be a mixture of both of you now! Of course I'm one of the lucky ones that has seen it in person!

  3. I absolutley LOVE looking at peoples houses! I like to see how they decorate their homes! Makes me want to really get started on painting our walls! Shouldn't be THAT hard! (o:

    I love how you decorate!

  4. You really have a flair for decorating, Darcie . . . The house looks gorgeous . . . elegant and still very 'homey' . . . Does Zeus like the new blue? or does he miss the bright, exciting, electric blue bachelor pad walls?

  5. Thanks everyone, it's been fun even though it's been a lot of work. Zeus likes the new blues too and THINKS that he could have picked out colors that were JUST as awesome. :) Uhm... sure he could have? lol

    Hugs all!