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Monday, January 11, 2010

Setting a Record

So, I think I'm setting a record here on my blog by actually blogging two days in a row. Not sure if it counts though because last night's blog didn't get finished until almost midnight and took three or four hours to do, so TECHNICALLY it's not even been a 24 hour period of time yet. Go figure!

Just woke up about an hour ago to a dream that I'd gone back home after taking Zeus to work tomorrow and fell asleep only to wake up in a panic (in the dream AND in real life) that I had missed my interview that day. Talk about a sure-fire way to wake up wide awake! Thankfully it isn't true, and I'm up and getting ready for a day of packing for my interview and packing up my house. I fly out tonight, interview tomorrow and then fly back at the crack of dawn on Wednesday (6:30 am!). Then the agenda for Wednesday and Thursday is to try to finish packing up and cleaning the house since Zeus is flying in on Friday around noon and I'm flying out to Seattle that same day around 4 pm. Crazy, crazy life!

I'm excited for the Seattle trip to spend some time with the family. My brother Michael is flying my mom, my sister Michelle and myself up for the weekend to go to a bridal fair with his sweet fiance Deena, who's also like a sister. We'll only be missing Nikki, Tiffany, and Brienne to complete the band of sisters. We're excited to help out with wedding plans and possibly go dress shopping too! :) It will be nice for me to have a short fun break after all the chaos of life lately! Then from Seattle, my return ticket will take me to my new home in Austin and to my husband who should be just getting back into town with the packed moving van and his brother Danny who's flying up to drive down with them. (Thanks Danny!)

Baby update - I went into the doctor on Friday for a last check-up before I head to Austin. I have been feeling really stuffed and "full" lately and feeling more pregnant than I "think" someone who's only 16 weeks along should feel. I wanted to make sure everything was okay and to find out if the fibroid is growing and THAT's why I was feeling that my belly was so full. We went in and we finally got to hear the heartbeat, which was exciting! We didn't get an ultrasound, which made me sad because I REALLY wanted to see my baby again, but atleast we know there's still a heartbeat, which I was worried about. I guess I'm just a worry-wart. The doctor said that the fibroid is definitely growing along with the baby and that it's making me measure at 20 weeks instead of almost 16. He said everything should just be fine, I'm just going to feel crowded sooner. It's crazy because after I eat, with the food in my stomach pushing on the fibroid, and the fibroid pushing on my uterus, and my uterus pushing on my bladder, I'm starting to look pregnant. Funny thing is, it's the most noticeable after I eat a meal. I feel so stuffed and my stomach feels like it's sticking out so far all of a sudden. It doesn't help that I have extra padding to start out with, but with both the baby and the fibroid growing, I think I'm FINALLY starting to look a little pregnant. Either that, or like a stuffed turkey. Still trying to decide...

My good friend Amy came over with her sweet twin girls yesterday and we had a great time hanging out. We didn't end up getting any packing done besides getting laundry put away, but it was SO nice to have a day to relax and breathe and enjoy a good friend's company! It was funny because when she showed up she said, "You look great - you don't even look pregnant at all!" Then after we went out to lunch and we were both full, I pointed out how stuffed I felt and she said, "Oh, how cute! Now I can totally see it!" lol

Here's a pic I took to send to Zeus to show him how my tummy pooches out after I eat. Doesn't help that I have a sports bra on, so there's not as much on top to balance things out a little more! :)


  1. Uh oh - the blog bug is catching!!! ;) I know I already told you, but I love that belly pic! I can't wait to see you soon!

  2. Isn't it so fun to say husband and also to finally look pregnant!

  3. Awwwww . . . CUTE cute little prego tummy . . . Glad to hear that everything still looks good with the baby . . .

    How FUN for Michael to fly you and your mom and sister out to get to do some of the fun, girlie, wedding-y stuff with you soon-to-be sister-in-law . . . what a fun treat for ALL of you!

    Keep blogging, this is great! =o)