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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dresses, dresses, dresses

So, my mom talked me into going looking at wedding dresses with her on Saturday and I caved, so we ended up spending ALL DAY looking at different dresses. Seriously, ALL DAY - from 11 am until 8 pm. We also ended up doing a road trip from Kaysville, to Hooper, to Orem. Gag! I hate driving, but it was fun hanging out with my mom and trying on pretty dresses.

At the place in Hooper, the lady runs a shop out of her house. She really only had two dresses that would work and they were both pretty, but we decided to look at David's Bridal since they had a sale going on to see what they had. Funny thing though, while at the Hooper shop the lady brought out this dress that she said she thought would look great on me and make me look thin, which is never a bad thing. :) She took this dress out and opened it up so it could go over my head. I stepped under the dress and went to put my arms through the arm hole and it would only go on just an inch past my thick ol' wrists!!! She said, "Oh, I've taken it in quite a bit - hold on." She pulls the dress off over my head (after I peeled it over my thick wrists) and proceeded to whip out a seam ripper and slit open and then pulled/tore the sleeve open down the side of the dress! She then tries to get me into the dress again, not realizing that she'd only ripped open ONE of the sleeves. Oh my goodness! So after one of my arms won't fit through the sleeve again, she decides to check the size of the dress and low and behold it was a size six. SIZE SIX! Less than half my normal flippin size! What was she thinkin?!?!?! For crying out loud! Apparently she had the wrong dress. Go figure.

We went to David's bridal in Layton and found two great dresses but they only had them in a size below and a size above. They called other stores and luckily they had BOTH of the dresses I liked at the same store. Bad news is though, it was clear down in Orem which was a 90 minute drive away. We ended going down there and trying on more dresses along with those two, but it came down to those two in the end and I just could NOT decide! One dress fit better and was so pretty and elegant that I just loved it. The other one was pretty in a more simple way and was about $250 bucks cheaper. I would try on one and then try on the other and then back and forth and back and forth. We were the last ones there and stayed until the store closed and I just couldn't decide. We decided to get both dress numbers and go home and think about it and then call and order the one I decided on as soon as the store opened in the morning. We had forgotten a camera so we were only able to compare tiny cell phone pictures. I was able to email them to my email from my phone so that we could see it a little bit bigger and it was still so hard to decide!!!

Well, I finally decided and my dress is hanging downstairs in the closet. Can't wait to wear it! Pardon my concentrated view as I tried to get a picture of the dress. :)

A special shout out to my girl Karin who let me borrow her wedding dress to use for my wedding. I've had it for over a year in my closet and was set on using it cause it's gorgeous, but decided that if I found one I fell in love with I might go with that instead. Didn't think it would happen, but it did. This new one is a little less sexy, but a little more me. It won't need any alterations and it won't need to be cleaned before wearing - I'd have had to do both with my friend's dress. Karin, I appreciate your enormous generosity and your patience with me during this whole process. You rock!

I'm getting married!


  1. You crack me up. That story about the lady ripping the sleeve so you could fit in the size 6 dress was hilarious! You didn't tell me that one! :) Anyway, I am excited for your dress. It's SO gorgeous!!! I wish I could see you in it for real! Sigh...

  2. HEY . . . I want to see it!!! How come there is no picture included with this blog?!?!??


  3. Congrats on finding a dress you love! I am so not looking forward to going all over trying to find a dress I like that will fit and not be expensive...oh yeah, and not be white.