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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

oh my... not the best track record!

So, it has been ANOTHER ten days since my last post... this is not a great track record!!!  This "new mom" stuff is exhausting!  Did I mention how EXHAUSTING it is!?!?!  The whole changing, preparing bottles, feeding Mia, washing bottles, getting pump ready, pumping for ~30 minutes, rinsing the pump parts and trying to grab 20-90 minute snippets of rest... zzzzzz...

Zeus has been a trooper and SUCH a big help.  Last night he even took two or three of the night feedings so that I could get some much needed sleep.  Thank you love!!!

Now, what you've all been waiting for... more Mia pictures!

Mama and Mia with grandpa in the background - taken through the NICU window by papa.

Papa bringing Mia to our room FINALLY - after 5 days of being in the NICU.

Tired mama's quick pick with Mia as we get ready to wheel her into our room from the NICU.

Zeus heard about how important "skin to skin" time was with babies, so he was sure to get HIS share of time in with his precious daughter.  Does this papa look content with his baby girl on his chest or what?!?!  :)

Mia and papa passed out asleep in our own room.

My papa just can't get enough of me...

Zeus feeding Mia - half the time we have to undress her to try and wake her up enough to finish her bottle.  lol

Papa loves it when Mia holds onto his finger or thumb.  Mama and Mia love it too.

Mama having some skin to skin time with Mia.  I KNEW those maternity shirts would come in handy even after pregnancy.  :)

So tiny and precious on the hospital bed - we love you little Mia!!!

Oh my!  The infamous tooth that cost $9K to remove on our teething newborn!  Pobrecita, teething at 5 days old!

All dressed up and ready to go home.  Mia, you look so precious in pink!

Mia saying good bye to grandma and grandpa - they are heading back to Utah and I'm getting ready to go home!

A thrilled Aunt Tiffany who got over her cold and FINALLY got to snuggle and love on Mia when we got home from the hospital - one week old.

Proud papa showing off Mia's precious little feet to Aunt Tiffany - just in case she missed that adorable detail.  :)

So small in papa's large hands - melts mama's heart all over again.

Mama's turn to have Mia hold HER finger.  :)

Mia and I with Aunt Michelle and Cousin Christopher - born almost a month apart, but due to be born only two weeks apart!

Switcheroo - sisters holding each other's babies.  Christopher and I next to Michelle and Mia.  Baby snuggles are the BEST!!!

Heading to Dell Children's Hospital for surgery to remove premaxilary tooth - 9 days old.

Zeus and Mia - all decked out in her "surgery gear" of a hospital t-shirt and hat.

Mia after surgery - oxygen mask at the top to do some "blow-by" oxygen when her O2 levels went down and her heart rate went up.  Scary day for mama and papa even though surgery took less than 5 minutes!

Mama passed out on the hospital pull out bed.  So very tired and exhausted!!!

More pictures soon.  :)

Heading back into Dell Children's hospital again tomorrow.  She's being put under again.  :(  This time they are doing it to make a mold of her little mouth for her NAM device.  Because she's had some breathing and choking issues, they want to do it in a surgery room so that they have a crash kit ready "just in case".  If that's not enough to strike terror in a parent's heart, I don't know what is!  Thankfully this visit will only cost a little under $4K, as opposed to our last visit.  Geeze Louise, don't know what we'd do without insurance...


  1. Zeus and Darcie,

    Thanks for the update! Little Mia is a doll and we are very happy we decided to take a detour home just to see her. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Love you guys,
    Ron, Jill, Joaquin, and Carmen.

  2. Darcie and Zeus! She is so beautiful. I know with newborns it is hard to tell, but I'm thinking big brown eyes. Your pictures bring me right back to when Sadie was brand new. I can totally empathize with having to strip the baby down just so they will eat! Sadie was terrible about not waking up. We think about you all the time and hope we will get to see you in Washington!

  3. I love the new pictures, even though I saw her when some of them were taken. The one of you with her in your maternity shirt is hilarious! :) I also love the one with the tiny fingers on your finger. So sweet. I hope we get to see you all in Seattle! Things were so busy there at the end I barely got to talk to you or think straight! And hey, if you keep posting every 10 days, that's enough for me! But please keep SOMETHING up so I can enjoy her from across the pond! Love you guys!

  4. Every ten days is doable . . . Maybe that should be the MINIMUM (LOL like there are rules about blogging?!?) Your little daughter is SO precious . . . it is totally obvious how SMITTEN you and Zeus are with your little Mia . . . She is truly beautiful!

    BTW, I need you to email me your address . . . I just realized I don't have it anywhere . . . =o)